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Ready to create your online e-commerce store in 10 seconds?
Why choose SeaBaoBao?
- 🛍️ Online Store: Create a beautiful responsive e-commerce store in seconds.
- ⚙️ Fully Customizable: Customize your storefront and shipping options.
- 💳 Built-In Payment: You can start taking payments right away.
- 🧾 Order Tracking: You have a Store Dashboard to track orders and monthly revenue.
- 👍 Review System: Let your customers leave reviews to help build your brand.
- 0️⃣ Zero Introductory Fee: There is no fee if your total monthly revenue is less than $200. That's right. SeaBaoBao will cover the credit card processing fee until then.
Pricing Model
We grow as your store grows.
Monthly Revenue < $200
Monthly Revenue < $2000
$12 + 4%
Monthly Revenue >= $2000
What is SeaBaoBao?
SeaBaoBao is a platform that helps you create your online e-commerce store in seconds and start taking payments right away.
Does each Store have a link?
When creating a Store, each Store will have a unique public URL. You can share this URL with anyone.
Which payment method does a SeaBaoBao Store accept?
Credit card. But we will cover your credit card processing fee if your monthly revenue is less than $200. :)
What is the cost to run a SeaBaoBao Store?
It's completely free to create a Store on SeaBaoBao. Monthly fee depends on your monthly revenue. When your monthly revenue is less than $200, it's completely free to use our platform.
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